Pride: Durham, NC


Inclusion. Community.

The Festival and Parade.  

Pride: Durham, NC will take place Saturday, September 28, 2019 on Duke University’s East Campus at 1304 Campus Drive. The festival is from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please find our festival map and accessibility information below. The parade starts at 11 AM.


Pride: Durham, NC is excited to announce these accessibility offerings for the Pride parade and festival on September 28th. We recognize we will not be able to accommodate everyone’s needs this year but we are committed to making the festival as accessible as possible based on the survey responses from the community.  We welcome feedback and partnership in improving the accessibility for future events. We know that universally prioritizing accessibility in our culture will take time, but we hope that we can only better our practices for the future.

This year we are offering priority accessibility parking at the following locations:

Parade viewing areas prioritizing those with access needs will be located at:

  • Whole Foods

  • Branches School on the corner of Broad St. and Green St.

  • Juju - requires patio reservation

While we make no assumption around needs or ability and understand that ability and access needs occur on a spectrum, we ask the community to participate in an equitable practice of ensuring that disabled people, elders, people with mobility needs, etc. are able to enjoy the festival. This means giving up your parking or viewing space if you have more mobility than others, and not taking advantage of the accessibility areas if you do not need them.

Four golf carts will be available to transport people between parking along the parade route and to and from the festival grounds. If you need a golf cart, find a person in a volunteer shirt and we will get a golf cart to you as soon as possible. Please spread the word of this service, but allow us to prioritize those with mobility needs. 

There will also be a sensory chill zone on the lawn of Duke Campus opposite the festival for those who would like to enjoy the festival in a less overwhelming setting. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:


On April 12, 1981, a group of sunbathers were attacked at the Little River in Durham, NC. Ronald Antonevitch, one of the men attacked later died at Durham County General Hospital. Demonstrations in front of the Durham County Court House in response to the murder was the true beginning of the NC Pride March. These demonstrations happened annually across the state from 1986 until 2000. The NC Pride Parade and Festival was then formed and remained the central hub of pride in North Carolina through 2017 when the original remaining members of the Pride Committee of NC made the decision to change the model again. The Pride Committee of NC dissolved and a group has formed to keep alive the NC Pride Guide as a statewide magazine. To continue the legacy and grow toward inclusion of all peoples, The LGBTQ Center of Durham has taken the lead in the newly created Pride: Durham, NC in 2018.

With more community input and intergenerational guidance, Pride: Durham, NC is the location for members of the LGBTQ community in Durham and beyond to celebrate and rejuvenate their spirits. We continue to appreciate your faith and support during this shift.


Core Values.

We believe, as individuals of varied experiences and identities, that all people are worthy of equality, respect, and dignity. In order to reflect these values in all that we do, we continually endeavor to:

  • be conscious that we are inextricably connected to each other in stability, power, and unity for our survival and liberation;

  • be deeply rooted in relationships, and to build and sustain those connections;

  • foster space where we can be heard and seen in all aspects of our whole selves;

  • understand the complexities of what it means to feel safe and included-in all contexts-and to allow this knowledge to inform and guide our collective work;

  • ground ourselves in our community's long legacy of resilience and brilliance, and celebrate those qualities in our community members today;

  • encourage and promote our ability to take care of ourselves and each other, in recognition of the toll of living daily with the effects of oppressions;

  • prioritize historically and emerging marginalized peoples in leadership roles;

  • listen to the voices and assess needs of community to determine programming; create and maintain a culture of transparency and accessibility throughout all operations and relationships of the organization.




Pride: Durham, NC is committed to full and consistent transparency. All future prides will have their financials reported on the appropriate Form 990. A Certified Public Accountant has been retained to ensure the proper accounting and bookkeeping of all funds. The Pride committee is still being formed, but an advisory committee with representatives from across Durham has been formed to assist with the formation of the committee. 

As we navigate Pride: Durham, NC, we must also weave a path through a tumultuous political environment to make sure all people are welcome. As we do so, we will be working with key City of Durham officials to reflect our core values and the resources available in Durham.