Pride: Durham, NC

About Pride in Durham, NC

To the people invested in Pride in North Carolina: 

We are excited to say that Pride will be happening again this year, but the people organizing it have changed. After many years, John Short has decided to step down and we would all like to formally thank him for his efforts and dedication to LGBTQ Pride in North Carolina. 

As time has changed, so have the needs and desires of the community here in Durham and North Carolina as a whole. We have seen the creation of metropolitan prides from Alamance to Charlotte with the Triangle remaining the central hub of Pride celebrations. With the changing of leadership around Pride in Durham, we want to remain committed to welcoming people from municipalities without a Pride of their own to come celebrate as we do here in Durham. We will also work collaboratively with other efforts in the Triangle. 

There are many questions around where pride will happen and when. At this point, we can say that we are working diligently with the City of Durham to maintain the historic date of pride, the final Saturday in September. This year, that will be on September 29, 2018 and will be planned as such in perpetuity. 

Many of you are wondering who will be at the helm of Pride this year. In the spirit of Durham and in thinking of a sense of community, we are approaching this much more collaboratively and are still building a team, but Justin “J.” Clapp (also known as Vivica C. Coxx) has stepped up to lead the efforts with the LGBTQ Center of Durham. J. Clapp will receive no compensation for any efforts put toward Pride in Durham, NC, but will ensure the funds will be managed appropriately with the LGBTQ Center of Durham being the beneficiary. 

At this stage, a team of individuals is being consulted to help develop a community survey to ensure the many voices of Durham are represented. Currently at the table are representatives from the City of Durham, some of the original cofounders of NC Pride, event consultants with past Pride experience, queer and trans people of color, voices from people of many faiths, and more (which just means we still have targeted recruitment). Once the survey is launched and we hear from the folks of Durham, help and further input will be solicited from everyone. 

Our hope is to remember the community in front of us and those whose lives have been lost due to injustice in America. We embrace the responsibility to our youth to be visible and proud just as our elders did for us. With this responsibility, we will continue to solicit input and feedback. We will be accepting questions at

After this year’s Pride, we will be taking a critical look at Pride as a whole and will be utilizing the community’s opinion and an innovative spirit to create a spectacular celebration of self and others. 

We appreciate your feedback, support, and faith at this pivotal moment in Pride history. 

Let’s do this! 

J. Clapp and the LBGTQ Center of Durham